Chaplain Camp in the news...

Topical articles, interviews and videos about Chaplain Camp, his influence and the presence of spiritual fitness at West Point.

Founders Day speech by David McCormick.

Watch: Class of 1983 30th reunion.

Watch: West Point Center for Oral History interview with Chaplain Camp.

Watch: Faith & Life Series featuring Chaplain Camp part 6 of 6.

Masters Track and Field. 

The Angst of War at West Point Boston Globe 1991. 

Christianity Today 1992. 

Two Wars by Nate Self. Buy it HERE.

Not For Sale! Chicago Sunday Evening Club. Feb 12, 1984.

New York Senate Prayer 1993.

Congressional Record May 13, 1999.

Washington Post May, 1980: West Point to Graduate First Women.

The Army’s blueprint in building a complete leader; mind, body and spirit: Spiritual Fitness in the Army’s Comprehensive Soldier Fitness Program.


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