Meet Our Team

Laura McKenna

Here are a few notable facts about Laura:

-Third generation West Point Graduate - class of 2001.

-Winner of the John Hottell Award for Excellence​

-Rotary-Wing Flight School Graduate and UH-60 Blackhawk Pilot​

-Masters in Exercise Science and Physical Education

-Former instructor, DPE. USMA.

-Awarded the Coach Krzyzewski Award for Excellence 

-Wellness & Lifestyle Consultant, Speaker, Leadership and Success Coach 

-Married by Chaplain Camp and part of the Camp Family Inner Circle for more than 30 years.

Laura Runs to Win.

Go Army.

Adrian P. Schoonmaker

-          More than 20 years ministering to college and university students.

-          Teaching and speaking at 14 different university campuses, including various NCAA Division I athletic teams.

-          6 years of ministry to West Point athletes, cadets and officers.

-          Personal discipleship and spiritual development for many company commanders and regimental commanders at West Point.

-          Ordained minister. Travel, speaking and ministry in 17 nations.

-          Bachelor’s degree in Bible with Pastoral Ministry major.

-          Master’s degree in Practical Theology, with additional master’s in Journalism.

-          Completing dissertation for Doctor of Ministry in Leadership and Ministry Management (TEDS).

-          Married to Jocelyn and loving adventure with our 6 children!